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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions governing the financial transfer service you have selected are set at the bottom of the receipt (form). By signing this receipt (form) you are agreeing to those terms and conditions.
The determination of the exchange rate applicable to your transfer shall be determined by Shift and applied by the service providers, where the exchange rate changes from one country to another according to the Countries’ Monetary Authority and Shift’s Policy. Therefore, the exchange rate noted on your transfer at the time of send is an estimate and restricted to receive the transfer within 24 hours. Please ask your service provider in case you have any inquiries regarding the applicable exchange rate on your transfer.
The Rules and Regulations in some countries allow the service providers to collect minimal charges from the sent amount upon remittance delivery process to the receiver.
If the payment is executed on Shift’s website, no physical signature is required, the completion of the payment is considered as an approval from the customers side on the terms and conditions.
Shift remittance services are offered by Shift and its service and sub-service providers in countries where they operate. Information regarding working hours and nearby locations can be obtained by calling the Operations and Support Center (SOS Center) on the numbers listed below.
Service offered to customers; senders and receivers of remittance is usually available within minutes. However, service may sometimes be subject to restrictions pertaining to the paying service provider. Delay fines and restrictions may be applicable according to requirements in certain countries. For details, call the numbers below.
Remittances are paid in cash while in certain circumstances payment might be subject to local taxes.

What information we need from you to provide you with remittance service

You need to provide Shift or its Service providers with the following information in order for a remittance to be properly initiated and executed:
  • receiving country
  • delivery type
  • sending or receiving amount
  • payment method
  • receiver’s full name
  • receiver’s address
  • receiver’s phone number
  • receiver’s account details
Shift and its Service providers reserve the right to request any additional information and/or documents from you and/or receiver for the purposes of compliance with applicable legislation (e. g. AML/CTF) and/or proper initiation and execution of a remittance.

Charges on remittance :

Regarding charges on remittance - please make a price inquiry on Shift’s website ( http://shift-sg.com ) or application (Shift application is available on App Store and Google Play), or ask your service provider before initiation and execution of your remittance.

Sending and receiving money to countries that offer remittances service in multiple currencies:

Remittance charges may vary upon the request to send or to receive the remittances amount in a currency and/or currencies different from the original chosen currency. Moreover, Shift or its Service providers may give the receiver(s) the option to collect the remittance amount in a currency different from the one chosen by the sender and by which the remittances were sent. In such cases, Shift or its Service providers may make additional money.
In case the payment currency is defined by a currency different from the national currency of the country to which the money is sent and such currency was not available or that most small denominations are unavailable in an amount sufficient to pay the remittance at Shift or its Service providers in that country, Shift and/or its Service providers shall have the right to pay the remittances totally or partially thereof in the national currency.
Sometimes Shift and its Service providers may request the remittance receiver to collect the remittance amount in a currency different from that chosen by the sender as currency of payment, in which case the exchange rate applied by Shift and its Service providers may differ from the rate applied to a transaction paid in the currency chosen by the sender, in such cases Shift or its Service providers may make additional money.
Additional information on the exchange rates is available by contacting the SOS Center at the end of the page.

Execution times:

Regarding remittance execution time – please ask your service provider before initiation and execution of your remittance, or follow up on Shift’s website while executing the payment.

Refund and administrative charges:

If the remittance is not delivered within 45 business days, Shift or its Service providers will refund the principal amount of the remittance and the charges applicable thereon upon the written request of the sender. However, if the delay of delivery was caused by conditions beyond the control of Shift or its Service providers, such as inclement weather or telecommunications failure and/or delay of remittance as a result of a demand from the official authorities at the country of payment and/or because of certain other applicable laws, instructions and regulations, Shift shall, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, be entitled to deduct the service and administrative charges applicable on the remittance.

Special procedures:

If the receiver does not hold a valid ID card it shall be possible for Shift and its Service providers to request the sender to revert to any Shift locations with the voucher and ask to change the receiver's name to a person having a valid ID card in which case no additional charges shall be collected from the sender against the corrections.
However, different restrictions may be imposed on Remittance from and to some countries.

Responsibility of Shift and its Service providers:

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Shift and its Service providers do not guarantee the delivery or suitability of any remittance(s) made. Furthermore, Shift warns you of risks related to sending money to any person you do not know.
Limitations of the liability of Shift and/or its Service providers for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages as a result of failure to deliver and/or delay of the remittances and/or any shortage in the amount of paid remittance due to negligence on the part of Shift or its employees or the Service providers or otherwise shall not exceed as a maximum 500 US$ (in addition to refund of the principal remittance amount), except where applicable law provides otherwise. The foregoing shall not limit the liability of Shift or its Service providers for the damages resulting from gross negligence or deliberate misconduct as such restriction and limitation of liability shall be null and void.
When Shift and/or any of its Service providers accept to make a remittance by a check draft, credit or ATM card or any other non-cash form of payment, Shift or its Service providers shall not assume any responsibility and liability for not making the remittance and/or delivery if the remittance amount is uncollectible and/or the lapse of time period required for collecting it. Shift and its Service providers shall not assume any liability for damages caused by non-payment and/or non-delivery because of non-collection.
Shift reserves the right at any time to develop, improve or otherwise modify the service without notice. Any changes shall come into force immediately upon making them and shall apply on all and any Remittances initiated thereafter. Changes shall not have retrospective effect and shall not affect Remittances initiated before changes came into effect. Shift and any of its Service providers assume no responsibility and no liability for any losses and inconveniences to you and/or any third parties, which may be sustained as a result of exercising our right to develop, improve or otherwise modify the service, or Shift and any of its Service providers are released from such responsibility and liability.
Shift and its Service providers may refuse to provide service to any person.

Shift privacy policy:

Shift and/or its Service providers may disclose your personal information to the official and governmental and local authorities whenever it is requested to do so and to any private institutions in case it obtains permission to that effect from the official and/or judicial authorities. Such disclosed information may include information describing your transaction with Shift: personal ID card information, name, telephone number, address and other information about senders and recipients. Otherwise, Shift and its Service providers guarantee the protection of your personal data under applicable laws. Shift and its Service providers policy is always to comply with applicable laws, instructions and regulations


You agree that the language of these terms and conditions and any agreements thereof as well as communication between you and Shift (including our Service providers) is to be English.
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